We provide a wide range of plumbing services for both residential and commercial properties. Here’s a short list of our most popular services. Call us 708 533 5164 to know about our complete list of services.

Services we Provide:





In the Area Of :

·         Gas line, gas pipe & installation

·         Tackflow Prevention

·         Faucets ( Faucet repair and replace )

·         Drains ( Kitchen, bath, shower and toilet drains )

·         High pressure water jetting

·         Gas Lines

·         Sewers relining & trenchless sewer repair

·         Showers

·         Sinks

·         Water Heaters ( Tank and tankless water heaters repair & replace )

·         Toilets ( Toilet repair, replace & install )

·         Water Heaters,

·         Water Softeners and Filters

·         Garbage disposal repair and replace

Generael Plumbing repairs — If you have plumbing problems, we will fix it. It is as simple as that. We repair plumbing in home and commercial properties and offer rapid response for emergencies. Leaky faucets, dripping pipes, clogged drainage, overflowing sinks, we cover it all under general plumbing repairs.

Installations and constructions — Need new plumbing installed? We install pumps, pipes, sinks, toilets and more. And we do this for both residential and commercial properties. We are regularly called for doing the plumbing for new homes, for kitchens being remodeled, for bathrooms being remodeled and much more. We are authorized dealers and resellers for many brand name products but we are also happy to work with products you have already purchased.

Repiping — Is a specialized task where all your pipes are replaced to increase flow, solving choking problems and give you overall better plumbing. We go in, strip out and replace your pipes. Then repair and repaint everything to put it back just the way it was. Once we are done, the only way you can tell we were there is by the better and smoother flow. You won’t find a single visible unsightly sign of all the work done.

Eco-Friendly plumbing — We install non-electrical cooling systems, solar water heating systems, waster water recycling plants, low flow taps, faucets and shower heads and more such things to save water, lower your bills and safe guard the planet. We are all about promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Because once this planet runs out of water, plumbers automatically run out of work!

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